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A Bit Of History
Large Black Hogs

If  you had a large, black pig, what name would you give it? Well, when the  first breed society was developed in England, they decided to keep it  simple and called them “Large Black” hogs. They became very popular on  small farms because they were docile, easy to keep and got much of their  nutrition from the grass and forage provided by nature.

Originally  there were two distinct breeds in England; one in the east and the  other in the west. One had dense, long hair and the other had short,  thin hair. Today’s pigs show both traits even within the same litter.  The hogs were imported into the United States early in the twentieth  century and did well on a number of farms. However, in the 1960s when  the pork market started to favor leaner, lighter colored meat the  marbled pork of the Large Black fell out of favor. By the 1990's the  Large Black pig had become critically endangered. Today it is listed as  “Vulnerable” by England’s Rare Breeds Survival Trust and “Critical” by  the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.  

SaltoEarth Super & Dorothy's Warbler
15% CI

SaltoEarth Super & Graceful Prudence
11.6% CI

Graceful Noble Sam & ERF Daisy
7.8% CI

Graceful Noble Sam & Triangle K Charlotte

We are taking reservations for

Graceful Noble Sam & ERF Daisy
7.8% CI
Graceful Noble Sam & Miller Bros. matilda
12.0% CI
SaltoEarth Super & Dorothy's Warbler
15.1% CI
Graceful Noble Sam & Triangle K Charlotte
14.7% CI
We are able to
Breeding Pairs

Boar Lines
Noble Sam

Sow Lines

Please call for reservations.

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Daniel J Coulter
2018-11-23 15:54:12
Hi! Any livestock breeder can set up their own farm page on Openherd and load as many animals as they want, and it is all free. Their information goes into our searchable data base where visitors can find just the animal or the farm they are looking for based on the criteria they select. If you are a member of the Large Black Hog Association, we offer a free service that sync's your information on Openherd to the association's website. You put info in one time and it goes to both sites. Can we talk?
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