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The garden season began with lots of rain this year. Many gardens were flooded out. It seemed that ours may fall victim to the massive amounts of rain we received. Fortunately, that was not the case. Our tomatoes flourished this season. We attribute it to the six inches of compost Handsome Husband worked into the lower garden before planting out 30 plus tomato plants. FarmGirl watered the plants everyday. The added nurtients of the compost and extra water was what the garden needed to produce an near endless supply of tasty tomatoes.
Because of our tomato bounty, we had many quarts to put up for the winter. We use tomatoes almost on a daily basis. To say that we love the taste of fresh garden tomatoes is an understatement! As soon as our first tomato ripened on the vine, our taste buds started drooling. Handsome Husband, Blond Wonder and I shared the first one. Because of the constant attention to the garden, the tomato was incredibly juicy and perfect. We planted several varieties; Black from Tula, Oxheart, Early Girl, Park's Better Boy and a very juicy lobed variety that we aren't sure what it was. Blond Wonder tends to play in the garden and moves the vegetable markers with his dirt movers.
One of the best stories we have for the summer was Blond Wonder picking the biggest Oxheart tomato from the garden. He dug into the middle, munching away. He had his face buried in the tomato with juice dribbling down his chin onto his clothes. Handsome Husband said he was making a mess. Blond Wonder's response was, "It's juicy, Dude."

Never a dull moment around Triangle K.
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