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A Bit Of History
Large Black Hogs

If  you had a large, black pig, what name would you give it? Well, when the  first breed society was developed in England, they decided to keep it  simple and called them “Large Black” hogs. They became very popular on  small farms because they were docile, easy to keep and got much of their  nutrition from the grass and forage provided by nature.

Originally  there were two distinct breeds in England; one in the east and the  other in the west. One had dense, long hair and the other had short,  thin hair. Today’s pigs show both traits even within the same litter.  The hogs were imported into the United States early in the twentieth  century and did well on a number of farms. However, in the 1960s when  the pork market started to favor leaner, lighter colored meat the  marbled pork of the Large Black fell out of favor. By the 1990's the  Large Black pig had become critically endangered. Today it is listed as  “Vulnerable” by England’s Rare Breeds Survival Trust and “Critical” by  the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.
Dorothy's Warbler
Large Black Hogs by Handsome Husband
they have great big ears and little bitty eyes.
They are kind of fun to be around because they don't tell lies.
They are safe for your kids and they won't eat your wife.  
Taking care of them is livin' the good life.
now other breeds grow faster, and they are more popular too.
but we find the large blacks are the tastiest and you'll say it is true.

Leaping Waters Charlotte
The evening is still, sound carries from what seems miles to my chilly ears. I stand quiet, listening to the song of the woods. An occasional dog barks, a tire over gravel, the soft chirp of a bird. I am checking fence lines, making sure all is right. I have found the section Max walked over. He came straight to the house to alert me, then followed me back and into the fence grunting happily as he lumbered along. Everyone is safe in the barn for the night. As dusk falls and I am still standing listening to the woods I hear the whisper of of night creatures stirring. Deer bed down for their slumber and the trees say 'Goodnight'. Peaceful.

there was a farm south of jumbo
that raised every kind of animal we know.
chickens pigs and cats too.
the owners had allergies and always said achoo!
the wind howled and roared.
the weather was wet.
the dog stood in the doorwary and began to sweat.
he had to pee really, really bad
and if he went in the house, he knew they'd be mad.
so he lowered his head and he slunk out the door
trying to find a dry corner and more.
as quick as a wink he was back in the house,
cursing the weather and snug as a louse.
~Handsome Husband

Basel Defender
I am a consultant with the Swine Medical Database. This is a searchable database about illness and injuries associated with Heritage Swine.

I am the current Registrar of the Large Black Hog Association. I have held the position since 2011. I retired briefly in 2018. I have been raising Large Blacks since 2009.
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