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Robins have been spotted!

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I have seen the robins flitting about the yard. This is a sure sign that spring is coming quickly. The geese are heading north again. The buzzards are back. The animals are beginning to shed their winter coats. Warmer temperatures will be here soon.

I look forward to the lengthing of days and green things popping out of the cold earth. It always lightens my heart, makes me happier than the gray of winter. I look forward to days of shorts with muck boots, tank tops rather than layers upon layers of coats making me feel as though I am in one of those blow up sumo wrestler costumes. As the snow melts the mud gets tracked into the house and barn. A small price to pay for warmer days.

It is time for the maple sap to run. We already have harvested some but the cooler temps this next week will make the sap slow to nothing. It will warm again soon for good this time. While waiting for the sap to boil, we are able to take stock of how winter treated us. This year we lost several fruit trees to voracious rabbits. You would think that having a big dog would help deter those cute little furry vermin from hanging out in our yard. Unfortunately, I believe our dog was hanging out with them sharing body warmth. He quietly averted his eyes as they stripped the bark from our trees. Of course they went for the lucious apple trees first, then made their way down to my cherished almond saplings. My heart cries for the lost trees and that we will have to start our orchard all over with the addition of small rabbit mines around each tree. Chickens, cats, dogs and birds will not set off the deterent. We will have them programmed specifically for those beasts that sit under the spruce tree daring you to shoot them and then laugh when we miss. I cannot express how disgusted I am about the adorable bunnies'. It has been suggested that next year we just set aside some apples and feed them over the winter so they leave what is left of our orchard alone.

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